Preparation and Characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Cathode Films

Baque, L. C. and Serquis, A. and Grunbaum, N. and Prado, F. and Caneiro, A. (2006) Preparation and Characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Cathode Films. MRS Symp. Proc., 928 (0928-GG16-03). ISSN 1946-4274


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Perovskite oxide cobaltites with composition La_0.4Sr_0.6Co_0.8Fe_0.2O_3-δ were prepared by an acetic acid-based gel route. Then, cathodes were deposited onto porous ceramic substrates, like the usual electrolytes Cerium Gadolinium Oxide (CGO), by spray, spin coating and dip-coating. The structure and morphology of the layers were characterized by XRD and SEM, respectively. Electrical properties were characterized by complex impedance measurements. The correlation between structural characteristics and electrical properties is discussed.

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Publisher:Cambrige University Press
Keywords:Solid oxide fuel cells; Celulas de combustible óxido sólido; Perovskite; Perovskita; Gadolinium; Gadolinio; Ceramics; Cerámicos; [Characterization; Caracterización]
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