Compactificación con flujos y estabilización de moduli / Compactification with fluxes and moduli fixing

Abasto, Damián (2005) Compactificación con flujos y estabilización de moduli / Compactification with fluxes and moduli fixing. Master in Physical Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Instituto Balseiro.

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Abstract in Spanish

Se ha estudiado la compactificación con fujos en el ámbito de teorías tipo IIA. Las distintas relaciones de consistencia que deben cumplir estos modelos fue analizada, junto con las posibles formas para los superpotenciales, los cuales dependen de los fujos y de los moduli que surgen en este contexto. Finalmente se aplicó el mecanismo de fijación de moduli, en términos de los superpotenciales, a un modelo Minkowski supersimétrico en el marco de branas intersecantes, con dos de los moduli fijados por los flujos

Abstract in English

String Theory is one of the most promising attemps to unify General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, in a one coherent scheme. It involves three fundamental concepts, such as Supersymmetry, Extra Dimensions, and Grand Unification. With respect to Extra Dimensions, the theory predicts 10 space-time dimensions. Since we know our universe has only 4, the 6 extra dimensions can be compactified, that is, they can be treated as a compact manifold, small enough to be unnoticed by currect particle experiments. In the process of making this dimensions compact, many new fields emerge, and some of them are related to the geometry of the internal manifold. They do not have a scalar potential associated with them, so in principle can have any vev. Our work made use of some terms, called flux, already present in the low energy limit of Superstring Theory, known as Supergravity theories. From those flux terms it is possible to build a scalar potential for the moduli fields, giving the possibibility to predict, for example, the exact geometry of the internal manifolds in which one is compactifying. We have centered our attention at Minkowkski solutions in orientifolds T^6/Z_2xZ_2, showing that it is possible to fix the imaginary part of two Kähler potentials, only in terms of fluxes

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